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Dikson Anniversary Color Series

AN EXTRAORDINARY INNOVATION IN HAIR COLOR. 2IN1 The result of an EXTRAORDINARY ALCHEMY of CONDITIONING INGREDIENTS, ACTIVES and DYES DIKSON ANNIVERSARY Color is COLOR + CONDITIONER in one SINGLE PRODUCT.  New ingredients that scientifically guarantee provable results and revolutionize the concept of dye.  A light shampoo is enough after rinsing the coloring cream, the hair is EXTRAORDINARILY DISENTANGLED AND FLOWS THROUGH THE COMB, IT IS VERY SOFT TO THE TOUCH WITHOUT ADDING ANY SPECIFIC POST-COLOR PRODUCTS. This AMAZING RESULT is obtained thanks to the SYNERGY between: Its reduced molecular size allows Hydrafeel 3 to penetrate into the hair structure.  Hydrafeel 3 is a real “structure moisturizer," a PLANT-BASED cationic polymer with great CONDITIONING and COSMETIC PERFORMANCE.